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Aaron Kleiner  

I started in the health and fitness industry because of a degenerative collagen disorder I was diagnosed with as a teenager. Lifting weights has done so much for me by improving my stability and strength and reducing the number of subluxations and dislocations my joints suffer.
I do everything from designing programs, carrying out workouts, providing motivation, adding progressions and regressions to the workout as needed, giving nutritional guidance, and training athletes to excel in their sport and reduce injury risk. 
I have over 10 years of experience in personal training with a degree in public health and certifications in both personal training and strength and conditioning.
When people are hesitant about their fitness journey, I tell them to focus on consistency and discipline instead of other measurables. The results will come if you're consistent and disciplined.
Aaron Kleiner takes a break from coaching
Becky Moates all smiles while coaching

Becky Moates  

I'm in the health and wellness industry because I'm naturally active and love learning about the human body. I enjoy teaching others how to work with their bodies and learn to be more confident, knowledgeable, and comfortable with physical activity.
I aim to make exercise fun and accessible to all our clients. Safety and good form is a priority, and if our clients walk away learning a bit more about their bodies and feel better in their skin, that's a win for me!
 I have a degree in Social Sciences and an 800-hour Yoga Instructor Certification, and have been teaching yoga since 1999. 
Mood regulation has been the most significant benefit for me with weight training. Now amid peri-menopause and the hormonal rollercoaster is challenging, but lifting weights helps me feel better in my body, head, and heart. 

Kelsey Soffer  

I've always cared about my health and fitness and want to encourage clients and our community to do the same. Living a healthy lifestyle is what it's about.
I played many sports growing up and have always been athletic. I've been a part of the BODHI/LFTD community for over a decade - first as a member, now as a coach.
I earned my degree from Rider University and am a Cancer Exercise Specialist. 
Lifting weights has strengthened me physically and mentally while keeping me healthy to participate in everyday activities. For anyone hesitant about weight training, you will only benefit from it in the best way possible.
Kelsey Soffer flexing