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It’s Time to Hire a Personal Trainer or Coach if…

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It’s Time to Hire a Personal Trainer or Coach if…

You’re ready to make a fitness change, so how do you know when you need a personal trainer or coach to get you there?

  1. Accountability – You need someone to hold you accountable for the workout and training goals.
  2. Access to Resources – You don’t need to spend hours Googling workout programs, exercises, nutrition, etc. Instead, trust it to an expert explicitly educated to help you reach your personal goals.

When you aren’t a professional in the exercise science or health and wellness field, there’s too much knowledge out there to retain, so it’s easy to get confused about how to group exercises or which parts of your body you should train on certain days.

Some of us can operate on the fly, and that’s ok. But we must walk into the gym with some routine to see change. And it’s one thing to have a plan, but do we follow it and then make the adjustments needed to align it with our goals? That’s where a trainer or coach comes in. They guide you through a customized plan, and don’t hesitate to change it when necessary.

And our workout plans at 20 will not be the same as when we’re 45, nor should they be. So, working with a professional who helps you understand the hormonal, sleep, body chemistry, and lifestyle changes you’re going through is crucial. As coaches, this is extremely important for us because we consider all of that and create something that works for you as an individual.

The relationship between trainer or coach and client is a give-and-take relationship. We’re not the best fit for everyone, and not everybody’s the best fit for our program. You have to find a trainer or coach that fits the personality and philosophy that works within the goals you’re looking to attain, and the same thing goes for the trainer or coach.

Of course, we get the work done during our sessions, but it’s also an experience you should enjoy. If the experience isn’t positive, negativity becomes associated with working out. This doesn’t mean every workout is lollipops and rainbows because that isn’t reality, especially if you want to see change. Workouts can be tough to get through sometimes, but the general environment around the workout should be positive. You should genuinely trust and appreciate the time with your trainer or coach.

And why wouldn’t you hire a trainer or coach if you weren’t a health and fitness industry scholar?

  • We have somebody change the oil in our car.
  • We have somebody cut our hair.
  • We have somebody to do our taxes.

Think about the areas of your life where you hire someone to provide a service for you. Why do we second guess it so much when reaching our fitness goals?

Some people look at the gym or a workout as their way to let off steam, so they don’t want to deal with anyone during that time. There’s also a stigma that people think a trainer or coach will beat them up, and they will be in pain for days. Or they believe trainers or coaches will judge or push them too far.

Like any profession, there are different types of trainers or coaches. Some are going to be the pushers, and some are the coddlers. You have to find your best fit with the understanding that going outside of your comfort zone is what will bring change.

Now, what about the expense? Is that where your hesitation is? Think of it like any other investment you make in your life. Some trainers or coaches can be costly, but there’s also coffee that you pay $5/cup for or other services you invest in.

How long have you been dissatisfied with your gym results? Or, are you unhappy with certain aspects of your health and wellness that you want to (or need to) change?

Have you ever priced out blood pressure medication or cancer drugs? We aren’t saying that exercise will prevent cancer or certain illnesses, but have you ever considered the correlation between health and fitness and the cost-savings of investing in yourself?

It’s time to believe in yourself, trust the process, and practice patience. Hopefully, we will get to see you on the gym floor! LET’S GO!  

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