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Transform your body and life and fulfill your dreams with Monetti. His no-B.S. approach to living your dreams will help you take your physique and your life to the next level. Subscribe to get your weekly dose of motivation and advice.

This is My Life.

Bodybuilding and fitness has helped me with my early years of ADHD, and my adult years of depression and social anxiety. I share my story, in hopes of helping you embrace fitness - the ultimate medicine for living life to it's fullest.

Is A Personal Trainer Needed?

It depends. How successful have you been at achieving your fitness and wellness goals? Are you maximizing your time in the gym or wasting another year of sub-optimal gains? I'll say this, even the best athletes, business leaders, and mentors hire coaches.

All Or Nothing.

Going "all in" on your dreams, and goals is admirable and some may say necessary to succeed at the highest level. However, this extreme mentality comes with a price which can leave you feeling defeated, if you're not patient.

What is Body-Building?

Take away the bikinis, posing trunks, and the stereotypes of a "bodybuilder" and let's discuss what building your body looks like. Everyone is a body-builder.

Amateur Vs. Pro

The word amateur means a person who engages in a pursuit, unpaid. When a person gets paid to perform, they are considered a professional. But the difference is much deeper than getting paid or not, it comes down to your level of resilience.

The 3-C's of Keeping Resolutions

Studies show, our listeners are most likely to stay fit and healthy year-round and stick to their resolutions, mostly because they listened to this episode.

Endulge without the Bulge

It's not a coincidence that our weight increases during the fall and winter months. From Halloween in October through the new year, celebrations are heavily focused on food and booze. Statistics show the weight gained during these months is maintained for the rest of the year. 

 I Have High Cholesterol

My dad passed away unexpectedly in 2021 which was the start of a series of traumatic events for me. This podcast is all about the effects of handling stressors that are out of your control. And how I'm handling my recent high cholesterol reading. 


Spiritual Transformation

Mind, body and... Spiritual transformation. What does it look like to connect to your "highest self" or if you believe, GOD? Regardless of what you relate to most, this affects the time you have on earth.

Emotional Transformation

What about the emotional side and the habits? If those things aren't changed, the patterns will slide back to where they were, and they will continue to eat the type of food they were used to eating.


Physical Transformation

Physical transformation is about transforming the mental, emotional, and spiritual. So, what does this look like, and how can you achieve it?